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Pappa Roti Café + is a restaurant and cafe in the heart of Budapest. Our Mission is to provide high quality and delicious food.   We serve Middle Eastern Dishes such Hummus , Falafel and Mixed Grills  that are prepared with Halal Meat. We are one of the most refined and upscale Middle Eastern restaurants in Budapest. We aim to maintain a lavish and tranquil atmosphere. Pappa Roti Café + is the first restaurant and cafe to bring the famous Mexican Coffee Bun that is offered in over 400 outlets around the world. 

What we offer


Mexican Coffee Bun / Cake


Sweet Mexican Coffee Bun Pappa Roti
Sweet Mexican Coffee Bun Pappa Roti
Sweet Mexican Coffee Bun Pappa Roti
The Mexican bun has  become a famous delicacy for it's unique  taste. An enticing aroma , and an unforgettable experience.  The Bun is Sweet and soft in the center with a buttery filling. it is topped with a special coffee caramel topping. this topic makes the bun have a crunchy exterior and a great smell. The Bun can be served plain or with a topping of sweet sauces and nuts. it is best accompanied with a warm cup of coffee or our signature Karak Tea. 
The Mexican bun is now in  popular demand in UK, East Asia, China, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & more. Now in Europe visit us today to have an unforgettable experience. 

Halal Grill


Salmon Steak with Fries
Arayes Lamb Stuffed Pita

Pappa Roti Cafe+ is of of only upscale Halal Restaurants in Budapest. Having a cosy, comfortable atmosphere in the center of Budapest. Using only The Best quality meats from only Halal vendors for our Halal customers.  We offer Lebanese and Arabic Cuisine. We also offer European style foods like cesarean salad and beef steak.  we have many kinds of grills such as Shish Tawook , Kofteh kabab prepared from lamb , chicken wings. We also serve grilled fish ( Orata / Seabream and Salmon )

Vegetarian Appetizers


Cheese Plate , jam , olives , halal
Falafel , Chickpeas , Arabic Restaurant
Tabouleh , Healthy salad, Arabic Restaurant

You can enjoy all kinds of Mezzeh like Hummus made with Chickpeas , Moutabal Made with roasted eggplants , Yalangi ( Vine Leaves) and Falafel. Most of our appetizers can be enjoyed by Vegetarians and Vegans too. We also Offer Salads like Fatoush which has fried pita chips and pomegranate sauce, and fatoush which has softened wheat bulgur and parsley. Visit us today to try our Arabic Lebanese specialties. 

Shisha / Hookah / Vízipipa


Shisha , Hookah , Argile, Vízipipa
Shisha , Hookah , Argile, Vízipipa
Shisha , Hookah , Argile, Vízipipa

No middle eastern or Arabic experience can be complete without the famous shisha. Also called Hookah, water pipe, Nargile, argile or in  Arabic

شـيشـه /أركيلة). Or in Hungarain Vízipipa you can enjoy multiple flavors in our sophisticated atmosphere. We only use the best quality materials and flavors : 

2 Apple Shisha

Lemon Mint Shisha

Grape Mint Shisha

Watermelon Shisha 

Strawberry Shisha 

Blue Berry Shisha 

Cocktail Shisha 

Gum Flavoured Shisha



Chai Karak , Tea , Masala Chai
Chai Karak , Tea , Masala Chai

We only offer the best quality 100% Arabica Coffee. we also have Khaleeji or gulf style coffee. Turkish Coffee with Cardamom. Pappa Roti Cafe would not be complete without Karak Tea also called Masala Chai. It is South east Asian style of black  tea with spices , milk and sugar.

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